All Hail Bi. Msafwari!!!

  • 2 years ago
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All hail Bi Msafwari. The world hankers for your advice. In fact, all my girl-friends should be lining up in front of TV every time you talk just to choke on every single word of wisdom you dish out.

With pens and notebooks so that anything you say can be referred to in the future, and inculcated to our great… great granddaughters, who should be made to understand that once upon a time when the world was a hot mess ‘cause feminists and their mangina lapdogs were threatening to deconstruct it by tectonically shifting the natural flow of things and bending the reality in favor of their latent interests and ulterior motives, a woman so strong and wise,  so full of vigor, and so presumptuously daring to say whatever she deemed right, could grace our TV with her presence and educate our young women, at the precinct of losing touch with the reality, on how they could retain their femaleness and NOT fall for the feminists schemes to effeminize the almost extinct breed of men.

Her efforts, though ridiculed and heavily rebutted in the blogosphere, soon paid off, ‘cause mother nature was by her side, fighting the war alongside her.

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