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Someone dropped me an email asking if I could single out one Kenyan celebrity I can say got game. This comes a year after I wrote an article, on a different board though, listing 8 celebrities that I had reasons to believe get laid less often.

The list was a cinch to make, as celebrities falling on the beta side of the spectrum were countless. As a matter of fact I only limited the number to 8 ‘cause I found something better to do with my time.

Could have made the same list for the celebrities I consider alpha, but I couldn’t come up even with one celebrity with the hallmarks of an alpha. So I stopped trying so hard to make a list that would never be. Until I received the email from some guy named Harry that kind of pushed me to the wall.

From the list I made some felt like Prezzo wasn’t beta. The fact that he tried kino escalating a female presenter live on air, qualifies him as a borderline alpha. So they’d say.

But I still remain rigid; Prezzo isn’t anywhere close to what I consider alpha. He might have slept with a dozen of Kenyan celebrities, but he’s got zero game and no speck of natural machismo. Even if he were to try, he’ll NEVER be anything more than the try-hard Kenyan celebrity we all know him.

So who then qualifies as one? You ask.

Well, I nominate O.J. That is if he’s by any chance close to the O.J I have seen act in some early episodes of Tahidi High. If he is then I consider him the only standing alpha in Kenya at the time of writing this.

His aloofness and jerkiness when around chicks in the early episodes must have left a lot of cute chicks swooning over him, and the ugly ones hating him in the same measure. He sort of reminds me of Bender in the Breakfast Club.

It’s sad that I don’t pay much attention to Kenyan Programs. Perhaps there’s an alpha male in one of them I haven’t noticed yet. I leave that upon you, the reader, to make a pick.

But until then, O.J takes the crown.

Tried scouring YouTube, looking for one episode that confirms the description I have just made, but I couldn’t find it. So I picked something close to the O.J I’m nominating, and the results were the clip above.

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