Picking Up Women Using a Rubber Band

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The best pick up tricks have all along been right under your nose.

Try summoning up your childhood memories. You’ll agree, you were once an alpha. Then the society happened. Your parents too. And you were conditioned into the hapless beta you now are.

But that aside, some of the childhood pranks you used to pull on girls, those that got them coming back for more, can be harnessed back and recycled to get you some real bedroom action.

After all they’re the same girls; just grown and got a little more to offer now.

This is a discovery I made out of the blue.

During one of my usual strolls, I spot these two beautiful 19-year old lasses—solid 8s. I’m in my usual playful mode, with a rubber band I had picked from a shop I had earlier on bought some chewing gums.

The HBs are approaching. I’m meeting random people I know and saying Hi to them, when I notice they’re only a few meters away from where I am. Putting on a vaguely staid face, I take the rubber band, wrap around my index and thumb and bend down to pick a piece of paper that I then fold and hook it up at the center of the band. Why am I doing this? I don’t know.

It’s more like a reflex. My body has on its own figured out a way to approach the two women. This must be what happens when you allow the inner jerk to take control of situations like that.

By now the lasses are about three meters away from where I am. We are locking eyes. I pull the folded piece of paper, aiming right at the face of one of the chicks, ready to release it and fire.

The girl is all scared. She’s trying to cover her face with her hand, stretching the other hand towards me and begging me NOT to rip her face. Her friend is all laughter. I’m NOT.

They stop. I lower the band, look at them and smile. Then proceed to open them up.

“I was actually going to fire the rubber band. Then I remembered I need to talk to you first.”

“You’re a jerk,” the girl retorts.

I pilfer one of Cajun’s line.

“Thought you looked like my adorable little sister. We play lots of those, ‘cause I like to see her scared.”

“What if the band actually went off?” the other girl asks.

“Then I would have said sorry and walked away.”

“ouch!!!”the girls respond in unison, looking at each other amused.

This is becoming even funnier. The girls are all smiles. The conversation is all good, and I now have their full attention. The opener is working. It’s time for me to continue with the rest of day time thread.


I have used this technique more than a dozen times, and I must say, the results varied depending on where it was being run.

1. Ran it twice in a mall and the results were incredible. Had an easy time escalating in both incidences.

2. Ran it countless times on girls I met while walking, and the results were 50-50.

3. Ran it several times on campus girls and had about an 80% success rate. Seems to work best on the cute ones. Hated in the same measure by the homely ones.

4. Ran it a couple times on public swimming pools. Loved the results.

5. Ran it twice on public transport. Almost got slapped for it.

6. Ran it on girls over 30 years, they all remained unresponsive.

I also noticed that the technique works best when you’re NOT alone, but with a wing. And when you’re NOT so badly off in the looks department.

Again, you need a very strong frame to run the technique on a set of more than two girls. Some will take it as rude, and the only way to respond is to agree and amplify. Don’t even think of convincing them otherwise.

Still testing it. Will be briefing you more on the results in our fabbo.tips forum.

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