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I once had sex with a fat chick who also happened to have a yeast infection. I still live with the regret despite it happening more than a decade ago.

That was like the 3rd time I had managed to sneak a chick into a room and get her naked. She had a cute face but one of the worst bodies I have ever seen.

Then her clothes came off and that was the first time my eyes halfheartedly rested on an unshaven clam, call it the hairiest pussy to ever walk the face of the universe. Wish I had taken a picture so I could flash it around whenever I feel like punishing myself for something.

Then the stench came as I hinged closer and I almost barfed. It was like being in a locked room with an open trash can full of dog shit mixed up with a dead rat. Think stone-age level of grooming.

I have yet to smell something as vile and disgusting as that to this date.
What I regret is that I still got to take out a year of my pent up sexual frustration on her despite all that, and worse, she almost got me to go down on her.

It took me a year and a half to get that smell out of my mind, and convince myself that vaginas aren’t that bad.

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