Responding to “I Don’t Give My Number to Strangers” Shit Test

  • 3 years ago
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Girls use this shit test when guys come on a little too strong on them. Though interested, you’ve placed them in an uncomfortable position and the only wiggle space they have is to play hard to get.

They’ll as such engage their hindbrain only to come up with the ‘I don’t give my number to strangers’ shit test. A dead giveaway that her nookie is all in goo. And that she’s having a hard time suppressing her twittering slutiness.

Whereas some hapless betas will be quick to point out that they’re no stalkers, it’s best that you amplify the whole situation. Tell her that you’ll be calling and texting her not less than 50 times a day. This should work if the chick in question has at least shown some interest.

Alternatively, try ignoring the shit test and keep plowing. Make it appear like you didn’t hear it and ask for it again after 10 minutes or so. Is she refuses, well fuck it. If she’s not willing to give out her numbers, odds are good she won’t be interested in fucking you either.

Don’t settle for anything less than a number—facebook, email addresses, whatever. None of that actually mean shit.

To avoid getting in such a situation in the first place, it’s best that you wait until you’ve at least had a kiss close to reach for her number—not unless you’re in position where logistics don’t allow you to escalate to that. Don’t ask. Just get her cell phone and enter your number then make her call you that very moment to get hers.

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