Responding to “I Have A BoyFriend (IHAB)” Shit Test

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Below are some responses to return when a chick brings up the IHAB in the middle of a working come-on.

No one cares Swirie

This response shows that the topic she just brought up is a none-issue. It’s a good response if the chick in question is super fine—10, and happens to be on the lookout for the most dominant alpha male she can lay hands on.

The issue comes with the way you present it. Do it with a serious tone and you risk sounding like you’re trying hard. It’s best that you try being light-hearted when saying it. Then immediately find a way to digress to another topic and continue plowing.

Easy, I wasn’t trying to hit on you

This can work on almost any single hot chick out there who thinks every guy out there is pining to get them to bed. You might want to use this to turn the tables around and make it appear like she’s the one trying to hit on you.

The response works better the hotter the girl happens to be. For an average girl, you might want to use the statement with caution.


Cool works if you’re already leading the conversation. It’s like hearing a girl talk about her love for pets then expressing disinterest on the subject, but indirectly.

With an insouciance tone, utter the word ‘cool’ and continue flirting with her. The point is to get her as hornier as you possibly can to a point where she won’t be able to resist you.

Works well if you’re picking a random girl from a club, and who happens to be in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be working all great for her. She’s somehow on the fence and can’t actually bring herself to making that one important life decision.

So does my girlfriend

This is actually a good response if you want to come off a bit funny. Some girls will laugh it off and jump at the opportunity to suck your balls off.

Two caveats though, don’t use this line on a staunch Christian or in the bar.

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