Sexual Partners and Sexual Dominance

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Those looking to take the marriage route or get into an LTR, the safest bet will be to go for a partner with the lowest number of past sexual partners. Bonus point if the partner is 23 years old and yet to cross the rubicock.

Reasons abound. I remember touching on the same here a while back. So I’m just adding another point, and which happens to be so important to go unmentioned.

A relationship or marriage is more likely to succeed if the man is the most dominant one in the said LTR or marriage.

Where a woman happens to register a higher notch count compared to the man, there’s a higher likelihood that the relationship will fail.

And this is mostly because the woman will still be harboring feelz for the most dominant man she ever gave access to her secret garden, not unless the man in office puts in more effort to outdo all the men she’s ever been with.

But in the event that he becomes subordinate to all the men the chick fucked before him, then it’s far likely he will wind up in a submissive state that would morph into a cuckold fetish, the result of which sex begins to be less enjoyable.

A case in point, you’re a guy who wifed a chick who in her sexual prime fucked close to 50 guys. These guys all had her when she was at her most attraction–or quite differently, when she was a better sex stimulant than she is now.

For you to be the sexually dominant in that relationship, then you have to be the top gun among the 50 guys she fucked during her lilly padding days.

Goes on to show that the chances of you being the most dominant sexual partner in your relationship become slimmer the longer her sexual history runs.

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