Soliciting Female Opinion On How to Dress

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Though least discussed in the pick up community, a good sense of style is key to becoming a ladies man.

Not exactly to the same level as sexual entitlement, but knowing how to dress the part could help improve your market value by a point or two, if NOT earn you a score for first impression.

It’s for reasons like this that many players find it necessary to turn to the women around them for dressing ideas and advice.

It’s however important to note that NOT all women you ask will be willing to give you a truthful opinion, without some part of them being compelled to use that as an opportunity to drive you off the dating market.

Dating men think their beards are sexy, and it’s all ‘cause their girlfriends said so. Not because they really find them attractive, but because they are so invested in you to ever think of losing you to a more deserving woman.

This is particularly the case if you’re dating a relatively low value woman, whose opinion is distorted by her cumulative insecurities.

Women want high status men, and once they get one under their possession they’ll do anything within their will power to keep him away from anyone they suspect is a husband or boyfriend snatcher.

If you’re convinced your girlfriend is so invested in you, your best shot should be to try and get the opinion from your female buddies. Even more important, look for those you know somewhat harbour latent feelings for you, and let them act out of their need to please you.

Carry them with you as you go shopping, and let them help out. Give them the opportunity to turn you into their ideal man, NOT knowing they’re greatly elevating your market value.

Female buddies who are also single are the second best advisers of male fashion. They know how an attractive man looks like, and wouldn’t balk to jump at the opportunity to realize their fantasies.

So who’s the first female adviser for male fashion?

Your girlfriend of course. But only if she’s way out of your league.

Such a girlfriend will want to crow you to her friends, ‘cause everything she does revolves around the validation she gets from her friends. She knows her friends are judging her, and she’s NOT about to risk her self-respect for anything, no matter how much she thinks she’s into you.

Though much of what she does will be clearly to impress her friends and those close to her, you’ll at least have gotten an opportunity to dress your best.

Alternatively, if you have a gay friend whom you’re convinced is NOT eying your bottom hole, you can always bring him with you. These ones tend to have a great sense of style, particularly the bottom-ones, except when they suggest skinny jeans.

Lastly but NOT least, your last chance to becoming a charming drapper depends on whether you’ve got a sister whose taste in fashion isn’t badly off. Try asking for her opinion, and if it fits ask her to accompany you shopping.

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