Strive to be a Man of Few Words

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Among the things that men do that have proven to have an adverse effect to women attraction is excessive blabbing.

Simple; women aren’t attracted to a man with a tendency of yapping his gums off.

However, the laconic type or those who know how to skimp on words make their hearts inadvertently flutter.

Those who talk when it’s necessary, withholding much info about themselves, and releasing what’s necessary in regulated bits fall among the greatest lotharios history has ever recorded.

At every chance you get to talk to a woman, it’s the first rule of seduction that you make her release so much detail about herself and leave with so little about you.

Reason being, with scarcity of detail, its human nature to make a mental filling of the vacuum with sanguineness. Chicks aren’t exceptional to this.

Revealing so little about yourself creates an aura of mystery around you that in turn makes the chick think of you bigger than you actually are.
You don’t need to lie to a chick you are after to get her interested in going out with you (read: coming to your bunk for a horizontal tango).

It’s to be reasoned that the more you talk the more you’re likely to slip up more info regarding yourself hence unknowingly risk switching off her attraction switches.
On the same note, being a man of few words will save you from uttering stupid things that could destroy the little attraction you had so far managed to build.
You don’t want to freak out the girl you’re talking to with a double entendre sexual innuendo or by mentioning something that’ll come off as needy.

Every woman has that weird fantasy of meeting an archetypical prince charming who’ll sweep her off her feet. But since no such man exists, not in the real world, you can mold yourself into one by revealing less about yourself and let her fill in the gaps and mentally turn you into her ideal kinda man.

Two, like we’ve already mentioned, going the laconic way helps to maintain intrigue. As you part ways, you want her to be more interested in knowing you even more.

You want her mind to be bombarded with all sorts of questions regarding you. What is it that he does for a living? Could he really be single?

It’s for reasons such as this that we (pick up masters)don’t find it necessary to lie to a girl to get her in bed with us. Instead we make her do the dirty work and lie about us herself by creating an unrealistic mental picture of who we are.

Three, cutting the fluff makes the girl do much of the talking, thus getting even more invested in the process. You want her to feel more connected that she could reveal even more intimately deep stuff about herself that you can use to direct the exchanges to where you want it to go.

Talking too much isn’t alpha. Just the opposite.

Guys who carelessly talk when around girls are driven by the need to entertain (read: impress).

To them, it’s more like the more you talk, the more you seem to exercise dominance. The more you talk, the more you’ll be entertaining the girl and the greater odds she might consider going out with you.

But nothing could be the further from the truth.

As studs, we don’t work to get girls entertained. Rather, make the world around us fun that those we happen to cross paths with will be striving to contribute to the fun we already have.

Meaning, the girls we meet should be the one entertaining us instead and NOT the other way round.

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