The 80/20 Seduction Rule; Nice Guys Losing Again

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I’m NOT talking the Pareto principle. But the seduction version of it.

It goes like this; take 100 chicks and 100 guyz and put them together. 20 percent of the guys will end up sleeping around with 80 percent of the girls, while the 80 percent will land up straight in the friend zone.

This is a real time observation made since time immemorial. Only 20 percent of the male population get the putang’. While the majority 80% pine for it, but regularly get friend zoned.

What’s worse is that the 20% of the male population eventually get tired of banging the HBs, and will turn back to the 20% for LTR.

Soon the 80 percent of the HBs turn 30, and are pushed by the ticking biological clock to fall back to the 80 percent nice guys for marriage.

Or quite simply, the 20 percent jerk boys, after fooling around with every bad chick they know, will at last settle down with the good ones, leaving the slutty ones to the nice guys.

Another version of it is that, for an ordinary guy, only 20% percent of the effort you apply in chasing women brings you result. The other 80% translates to rejections, flakes and waffles.

The percentage keeps increasing from there depending on how you’ve mastered the attraction game. For a normal guy, it’s 20%. But for someone who swallowed the red pill, the percentage could be reversed, such that it’s the 80% of the effort applied that yielding results.

Version three goes like this, it’s only 20% of the things you do to women that attracts them to you. The other 80% is filler or fluff, which doesn’t necessarily do anything to increase your rate of success with them.

It’s the 80 percent, mostly propagated by the mainstream media and Hollywood that thwarts your success with women.

Speaking of which the 80% comprises of anything indirect, while the 20% translates to your direct course of actions.

Not only does the 20% direct approach save you time, it also saves you lots of wasted energy and effort.

So to cap it, if you’re working towards raising your success with the women you meet, you have to train yourself to cut the small talk and be direct and succinct. Kill the non-asexual vibe and, more importantly, stop playing coy with your intentions.

Cut the tripe, and work on substance. Cut the amount of time you spend on thinking about women, and focus on your career instead. Focus on money. But use the little time you get in-between to take sure shots at any beautiful plate that crosses your path.

By combining the three, we can say that the 20 percent that sleep around with 80% of the female population before finally settling down with the 20 percent good girls know how to make use of the 20% direct approach that makes them attractive to women.

So unless you learn to put the 20% into practice, you’ll always be among the 80% that wind up with a direct pass to friend zone.

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