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My name is Fabbo. I’m a writer, web developer, hiphop fan and motivational speaker.

But see, none of these get me girls.

What gets me girls is my natural machismo. I’m the cocky, fun type of a guy. I rarely go out, but when I do, here’s what happens:

I see cute girls I like. Being an ordinary guy, I get nervous. But I still strut right up to them, and say Hi, followed by any random cheeky line that pops up, like “You’re cute. Your friends, too. Just here to find out if you have anything to show off other than your looks.”

It gets nasty sometimes. Some laugh. Some get offended. But none of this gets to my frame.

The flirting and bantering always has to go on. And by the time we’re DONE, we’ll all be laughing, with my hands around the chick I like most. I leave the rest to your imagination.

That’s it. Want to find out how I do this? Keep checking the blog.

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