The Bigger the Shit-test the Better the Catch

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Is shit-testing a female sin? Should all the women who shit-test the men bold enough to make a come-on be pilloried or ostracized?

One of my readers dropped me a mail asking if shit-testing qualifies as a red flag to those willing to take the marriage route. See, he’s been on the prowl for a sexy mama, who’s been slinging in all sorts of shit-tests whenever they meet, left-right. Now the mama is almost letting the guy reap his first fruit of labor.

She’s a good chick. You know, the kind that you’d want to take home and introduce to your mum (a huge mistake) and thereafter empty your wallet for a ring. But from all the shit-testing, the guy was wondering if this might actually turn out to be a move that will live to haunt him a few decades to come?

Well, though some women use shit-testing to up their SMV or to emasculate men so they can feel flabby and act as fodder to their ego, there’s a good side of shit-testing that many men miss a whole lot of the time.

If you consider yourself a macho, you must have really grown to love the tests. Imagine plowing through them, and enjoying the smug that comes with finally being the guy to ride the plate. The rewards that follow are even far greater that you’ll hate the next chick who dares NOT to shit test you.

Shit tests makes us grow. The more you clobber them, the stronger you become in the dating arena. The more you get to understand women and learn to keep things fun and light the way they should be.

Shit test work for both parties. To women, shit test act as a measure of personal safety. Is this man all he claims or portrays to be? Or is he just pretending?  

To men, it’s all the above. You want to be secure when your woman hangs around his male workmates. You want to be sure that any man trying to manipulate his way into tasting what’s supposedly only yours stands no chance.

That draws us to today’s quote “the bigger the shit-test, the better the catch.”

When a woman shit-tests you, she wants you to corroborate your place in the sexual arena. Not by acting defensive or trying to validate yourself to her, but by proving you’re used to dating her kind, and that she’ll be doing you no favor should she finally agree to out with you.

Shit-testing can also be a dead giveaway that a woman is actually interested in you. One reason HB10s rarely shit-test. They don’t need to; not when they are sure of their place in the sexual market.

PJs (Plain Janes) and borderline HBs (Hot Bitches) are the masters of shit-testing. Shit testing elevates their SMV, they have no reason NOT to USE it.

Women are naturally pickier than men. Guys can agree to get in bed with any plate coming their way, whereas women will take time to pore over the man and assess if he’s indeed a viable mate.

And it makes biological sense. See, a woman only gets pregnant once, whereas a man can impregnate an infinite number of women all within a span of a one day provided he ejaculates.

She as such has to be warier with whoever she chooses to impregnate her.

Women will continue shit-testing men to ensure whoever they decide to get intimate with them is the best fit. Whereas men will always be ready to get down with anything bangable.

The whole purpose of shit-testing is just that—to find out if you’re truly the masculine, confident man you’re trying to portray or if you’re making everything up.

So to answer your question, rejoice that she actually shit-tested you and marry the shit out of her.

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