The Emotionally-infested Jerks Women Are Never Attracted to

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There are two types of jerks that I’ll be detailing today in this article.

The first one is the Zero Fucks Given jerk that almost every woman is attracted to, while the second one is the emotionally-driven jerk that NO woman ever finds attractive.

If you’ve ever heard a woman talk about how she never finds assholes attractive, don’t ask; the statement must have been made in reference to the latter.

As a matter of stating the obvious, almost all the beautiful women you see around dig ZFG jerks. Or quite simply the result-independent jerks that are NEVER affected by the outcome of their come-ons.

These are the type of jerks with options aplenty. So to them it’s never a big deal when they approach a woman and get turned down. This changes nothing, ’cause at the end of the day they’ll still be getting laid.

The emotionally-driven or the too-much-fucks-given kind of jerk on the other hand, doesn’t take rejection lightly. It’s as if his entire life depended on it.

They are the rude, short-tempered and obnoxious type of assholes, with steroid puffed man-boobs and a heavy addiction to cheap liquor and drugs.

They are the type that wouldn’t give it a second thought resorting to violence or fighting off any competition standing between them and the new plate they are after.

They are simply NOT studs, but low-esteemed spineless weasels with an alpha skin, and who have been misled into thinking they are machos and that women just have to find them attractive.

That’s the type of assholery that will get you jailed and with a serous rape charge on your case.

So how do you tell if you’re the ZFG asshole that sparkle gina tingles or the emotionally infested asshole that women would love to kill slowly?

Simple, if you’ve ever approached a woman and felt your anger rising after she turned you down, well, your pointer is more on the too-much-fucks-given side of the assholery scale.

The same can be said to those who plot vengeance or undiplomatically start hurling crassly insults when a woman puts a stop to their silly vibes.

Women, when prompted to choose between this type of assholes and the hapless betas they have friend zoned, will indubitably go for the wussies then talk them into helping them slay the assholes.

That’s how much women hate caring assholes.

That’s NOT to say that getting riled up when a woman gets disrespectful makes you a looser. But an alpha knows how to leverage it when it’s needed and when NOT to waste it on undeserving women.

So how do you become an asshole that women love?

Well, start with liberating yourself from oneitis. Even though there’ll come a time when you’ll strongly find yourself drawn to one particularly girl, don’t make it appear like she’s the only special girl out there.

She might be pretty or have other qualities that you find attractive, but there are thousands of her out there. Neither is she perfect like your mind is trying to make you believe.

Use every little effort you have to fight obsession. Then let go of anxiety and spite and you’d have half-way won the battle. 

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