The New Cult that’s Feminism

  • 3 years ago
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Is feminism a new cult in Kenya?

I have had this argument with feminists. Only to realize that nothing will ever make sense to them as long as they still hold on to their idiotic time-worn, lopsided ideologies.

What’s getting me even more scared is the rate at which the cult is fast recruiting.

Even with every real world observation working against their memorized principles and blather, they will never admit to it that their ideologies no longer hold a solid ground in the present world.

They’ll cleave to it. Taking offense at anyone NOT buying into their bullshit. And you’re left to wonder, what exactly is the driving force behind this whole feminist thing?

Well, as a number of people have already put it, feminism is driven by one thing; and that’s, the desire to hold on to a fantasy that promises to see them re-create a sexual market that works to their interest. And that is, removing all constraints on female sexuality, while putting all bounds they can come up with on male sexuality.

Soon men will be at their beck and call. Playing to every string they pull. They have it played out in their head. They have envisioned themselves playing part in the fall of man, and they’re fellowshipping in solidarity waiting for that day to come so that they can rejoice.

What feminists want is to set a bomb on all the things that make women feminine and men masculine. And they have promised themselves NOT to rest until they have succeeded in eliminating all the sexual-grounded divisions that set men and women apart.

It’s until they succeed in effeminizing men, and raising women to be first-rate men that they’ll have their seventh day of rest.

Feminists aren’t not only working against men. But women at the top of the sexual market, as well. The type of women that have everything working for them simply because they have a nice facial bone structure and a banging body.

The competition they have for the most sought-after species of men, the alpha males, doesn’t bear fruits when these ‘brainless’ beautiful spectacles are still in competition with them.

So they’ll conclude in their timid mind that men only go for the vulnerable, voiceless women because they are afraid of the successful kind. Men can’t simply handle them, so they’ll say.

That’s when it hits them, during one of their meetings, that they’ll be happier once they succeed in stripping the male price the power of choice, and have it instead.

So, in summary, feminism isn’t about women fighting for women, it’s about women fighting for the interest of the under-privileged few, so they can have power over that one thing they have always been denied—and that is, their sexual choice.

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