The State of Pick up in Kenya

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Ran a Google search on Kenyan PUA, just to find out if there’s anyone who shares the same sentiments as me.

One of the results that came up was this Link. Some guy named Blina Ventos, who seemed to be riding high on the Mystery Method.

The second site I landed at was tukatiane. I have been a lurker on the site for quite some time, leaving random comments whenever I come across a post I think resonates with what I believe in.

Of the two, I liked Blina the most. He appears like a guy who started off by reading the fundamentals of pick up. A guy I would enjoy watch run his game on the street and maybe find a thing or two to learn from.

The other one was nothing short of a guy who’s still trying to get over the hoopla of discovering game. The site was replete with click baits, with some content pulled off blogs, and I could tell most of the stories on site were fabricated and only good for bloggers hoping to earn from AdSense. So I unbookmarked the site. .

If Blina runs bootcamps as stated, then I’m convinced he’s NOT a rip off, but a guy with a lot to teach those getting started.

I still run indirect game as I have seen it do magic, particularly in NIGHT clubs. Just walking up to a random girl or a group of them and opening them by soliciting for a female opinion on something, then escalating bit by bit until you’re finally there, is the game I used to run after chocking in the redpill, and the results were tremendous.

That’s why I still recommend anyone just starting out to first read) the game by Neil Strauss to get a comprehensive picture of what exactly constitutes game and secondly) the mystery Method to get hands-on skills on how to hit the street and pick up girls in real time.

Other than that, find Blina and let him teach you how it’s done, as he’s the only pick up artist I can tell actually gets real time pussy. As for the rest, oh boy…I have NEVER smelled anything faker!!!

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