Try Turning Down Sex Once so Often

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Went from being a yes man to every pussy that throws itself my way to a guy who turns down a shit ton of them. And I fucking enjoy it.

Granted, I have been using chicks of late to test redpill stuff—you know, kino, frame control, handling meltdowns and so forth. This means that I have had to pull off with some chicks before things escalated too far.

Switching my mind off a potential plate is easy for me ‘cause I easily get turned off and I’m also so focused on what I do that I almost never brawl over anything other than my work.

What surprises me is how these chicks handle the news. Come on, I’m used to getting rejected all the time and I can’t remember that one time I made a fuss about it. Turns out, some of these chicks have never been rejected before. Guys fawn over them, orbiting around them and waiting to make that big strike that will never be.

So these chicks walk around thinking they have attained consciousness, and that no mortal man, running on blood and water can actually resist their charm. Wrong!

Here’s some little trick you can use on some HB you suspect has never been rejected her entire life, and which serves to draw her back to reality, and doubles as a great way for you to take your discipline to a whole new level.

Game her like you’d game any girl out there—approach, establish rapport, build comfort, escalate and seduce. Works best if you can get her to go out with you at night and thereafter get her to leave with you to your place.

Works even better to a chick you’ve known for a while and one you’re pretty sure will fuck you in a snap given the right logistics.

So you go out then head back to your place. But upon getting there, you make it known that she’ll be using the guest room (too bad if you live in a one-bedroom or bed sitter. This is NOT a trick for you. Go hussle).

Most of the times she’ll insist on having your room, of which you just respond with a stern NO. No explanation.

Don’t try this if you don’t have an abundant mentality or if you’re outcome dependent, ‘cause I’ll be hard for you to see it through, plus there are so many chances of it backfiring.

For instance, some of the chicks may decide to play it cool and bid you a lovely night. Whereas some may get so riled up that they may decide to get an uber and just go home.

So you might want to make sure that the girl is super drunk, like half seas over and very horny at the same time.

For a great majority of the girls, they’ll just force their way into your bedroom and insist that they’re NOT sleeping alone. Don’t drug them out. Instead just crawl to the bed and sleep without initiating anything. No touching or talking. It’s like you just want to sleep and nothing else.

But before you get to that, make sure she knows you don’t fuck drunk girls. You can utter something like “I’d have done you. But you’re stupid drunk and I just don’t fuck drunk girls.

Some will try to grab your junk. Remove her hand and continue sleeping if she does this.

Most probably she’ll grab her phone and start texting, facebooking or even try waking you up, telling you how she’s sobered up or NOT really drunk.

Insist on her going to the guest room if she can’t let you sleep in peace.

She’ll go nuts. Yell at you and even try to remind you about the number of people who’ll jump at an opportunity to fuck her. Just hold your frame and continue sleeping. Eventually she’ll accept that it’s not going to happen and fall asleep, too.

So you both fall asleep, but immediately you wake up, you call out her name and tell her that you changed your mind and then proceed to give her the bang of her life.

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