What makes a Woman the Dating Type or a Pump and Dump?

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What many men should be learning from this blog is that NOT every woman kind enough to let you have her secret garden qualifies as the dating type.

Only a small fraction of them are actually licensed for a Long Term Relationship, whereas a great majority happen to be only good for a fuck and MIA.

So what exactly qualifies a woman as the dating type? Is it her brains? Her character? Or her level of attractiveness? You ask.

Well, while many guyz care more about a woman’s intellectual abilities, I’m sorry to say that this comes second to her character and level of commitment. To put it differently, a quality woman is NOT only defined by her brains, but by her heart, soul and character, as well.

This is something that the quick-witted type of women always get wrong. The fact that they fail to see the world in the same fundamental scope men see it, adds them in the overcrowded pool of pump and dump.

To them, it’s always about safeguarding their heart, all in a losing effort to sidestep heartbreaks. They have their self-defence shields on, which is understandable in a way. But a huge turn off for men that wish to commit.

So a quality woman is the woman who sees the world from the man’s point of view. She understands his struggles. She understands his woes and ambitions, and is willing to try out his shoes and support him where necessary.

A bitchy intellectual woman isn’t attractive to any man willing to let everything slide and take the marriage route. All she’ll ever be good for is a grudge fuck.

So in this case we can say that a woman’s level of commitment conflated with her character trumps brains by far. Looks come third or may be fourth, so long as the underlying woman is a few inches above what’s considered bangable.

A plain Jane with a demonstrably winning heart of gold, is by far better than a hotter chick who also happens to be a good conversationalist but is lacking in the commitment and character departments.

Of course there’s a level of hotness that men may decide to close their eyes and take in a woman’s shit. But as a man gets to bedding more beautiful women, the more likelihood a woman’s beauty will cease to impress him. Other qualities will pick up from there and take precedence.

So he looks at the cute 7 and exponentially so with ‘please impress me with something else other than your blazing looks and brains.’ Ever wondered why some men cheat on their super-hot wives with Plain janes?

The real deal is a pretty woman with a sincere, good heart and intelligence. That’s the keeper of every man’s book. But a rare leaf to come by.

The only heartbreak is that both men and women alike are wired to misread each other’s priorities.

A woman will assume simply because she has the face to show, the man hitting on her is bound to walk her down the aisle should she give him an okay. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Good looks need a brain and character to seal the deal.

But more often than NOT, good looks and heart joust. And at the end of the day, it’s always the heart that takes the trophy home.

So a sweet plain jane with a golden heart is more likely to score it with an alpha male than the stripper hot chick with a caustic heart.

Worth mentioning is that deep within every woman, including the degraded ones, there lies a heart. Often caged under years of heartbreaks, scars, heart defences, and wounds. Only a quality man with the ability to view the world from a woman’s world view has the ability to bring it back to life.

Or quite simply, a man can take it upon himself to nurse a wing or two, so he can bring out the inner beauty and may be bring himself to loving and marrying the woman he’s attracted to.

But if the bird snaps before the wing is fully nursed. There goes, “another man’s problem.”

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