What Women Want… A Far Cry from What they Think they Want

  • 2 years ago
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What do women want?

Saw the question on social media, and beneath it were a torrent of ill-informed responses that only served to muddy the waters even more.

First off, it’s important to understand that there’s NO direct answer to such a question. What a woman wants depends on a very wide scope of things, one being the perspective from which the person being asked views it.

If the person happens to be a woman, the answer she’ll give will run along the lines of loyalty, loving, caring, to be desired, empathy or a list of things she thinks might make her happy.

 On the conscious level, these are some of the things women actually want. But subconsciously, they’re just as clueless as the men asking the question.

Two, what women want also tend to vary depending on their menstruation cycle. During ovulation (approximately 14 days after their periods), women will develop a high affinity to high testosterone men with good genes, and exactly the opposite to their Low-T counterpart. And this is all in line with the Darwinian theory of survival for the fittest.

If faithfulness, love, care and intimacy are the cell to a woman’s attraction circuitry, why does their sexual tension die out in marriage? Why aren’t they equally attracted to the spineless betas sharing the same sentiments?

Answer: betas won’t make them submit, which brings us to the third thing women want.

Women want a man who’ll take charge and make them retreat to the submissive corner where they belong.

They want a man with authority, over them and over themselves. They want a master, a man confident enough to lead and show them the way.

Women also crave for a man with options; a desired man who desires them. If you’re a man who wants women to start wanting you, learn to surround yourself with beautiful women, each serving a different role in your life. 

Commonly referred to as pre-selection or romantic harem, this is how all your romantic relationships should be structured. But again, this calls for a master—a man in charge, lest everything winds up in a state of entropy.

The women in your circle of five women can include anyone; your ex-girlfriend, the girl you just met the other day, a sexual prospect or the superhot work mate you like flirting with.

 Though different, all these women should serve the same purpose in your life; and that is, enriching it and teaching you something about yourself.

Managing a number of chicks by letting them balance each other out could also mean that you’re also learning to be a good manager. Only a few men have the brass balls to pull this off.

It’s also worth mentioning that women also want to be jack-hammered or asked to bend over for a doggy.

Cannilingus is good and there are times when it might make them cum. But jack-hammering goes a long way into ensuring they keep coming for more. Plus it makes your sexual performance to standout, considering only few men know how to hammer them right.

Even more important, women want a hefty dose of smacking. It’s even better when it comes when they’re least expecting it.

Real men don’t emote. They know how to hold their anger, and will NEVER play the victim. So they’ll pepper their anger,  then wait for that moment when their women are least expecting it to unload it all.

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