What’s Up with Girls Giving out Their Number to any Guy Hitting on them?

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If you’ve been keen on observing, you must have noticed that our girls are a little bit more generous when it comes to giving out their numbers than they actually were a few years back. Even on social media.

You initiate a few exchanges with a girl then ask her for her phone number and to your surprise, she’ll jot it down for you without even pretending like she’s interested in knowing why you asked for it!

This hasn’t been the norm. We are used to receiving responses such as “I don’t give my number to strangers” or “oh sorry, I have a boyfriend.” Why are they making it this easy for us? What’s the catch?

Well, the catch is that the numbers you’re getting ain’t good quality. They’re real, but not easy to convert into a notch. And the only reason girls are giving them out is to ward off the unattractive guys hitting on them.

This has proven to be a lot easier than the standard blow-off lines they used to deploy a few years back.

What else does she need to do apart from saving your number only to ignore your calls two to three times? Or black list it when you turn out to be an incessant caller who just doesn’t get it.

Reason number two: I suspect guys’ game has greatly improved to a point that girls just had to figure out a new way of getting rid of them when they have zero interest in sleeping with them.

The knee jerk responses girls have been using stopped paying off when guys came up with witty repartees to add into their pick up tool box.

A girl tosses the “Sorry, I have a boyfriend” blow-off line. A guy responds with “no one is trying to hit on you swirie.” She’s cornered, can’t find a wittier rejoinder. She decides to give out her number, but without any intention to ever talk to the guy again.

This proves to work. So she decides to adopt it as her new, official blow off modus operandi.

Numbers are less intrusive, compared to a guy walking to a girl’s apartment and requesting to talk to her.

Plus guys are quick to get it when a girl refuses to answer their call than when she remains unresponsive or tries to communicate disinterest. It’s either she’s playing hard to get or she’s just too shy and as such needs more time to get used to you.

But call a girl twice and she refuses to answer or return the call then she’s either a lesbian or fucking someone else.

Guys are more aggressive in the street. But too lazy when it comes to phone game. We don’t want to come off as desperate.

So how do you avoid winding up with an entire phonebook of low quality phone numbers?

Here’s how:

Talk to a girl first before reaching out for her number

If your real intent is to sleep with the girl and NOT just head home happy with her phone number, then try stretching out your interactions to, say, 30 minutes before asking her to exchange numbers.

Don’t just approach a girl and ask her for her number the next minute. Instead, give yourself time to know the girl, build rapport and create an emotional connection with her first. More importantly, give her a reason to see you next time. And when the time is right, you won’t even have to ask her for her number.

You can drop anything along the lines of “I’m looking forward to having another chat with you” and she’ll be the one suggesting that you give her a call,

Be a little aggressive

I suggest you call her NOT just once or twice. But thrice or a little more to make her pick up the call because she can’t withstand your persistence.

The above statement is a tongue in check. Don’t blow off a girls phone ‘cause you’re really trying to push her into picking it up.

Neither should you throw in the towel that early, nor delete the number that very minute your call goes unanswered. If you’ve called her twice and she refused to answer, give her a week or two and try again.

This time, casually inviting her to some place as the last attempt to convert the phone number into a lay.  

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