When a Girl is hell-bent to know your Religious or Political Stand

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Wrote this article based on some experiences I have had in the past. In retrospect, sometimes back when I was rediscovering myself and, in the process, shifting some of my religious viewpoints, I had to endure a celibacy period of roughly six months simply because I didn’t know how to withhold myself from getting into arguments with girls whose beliefs didn’t comport with my new found enlightenment.

I had this annoying habit of yapping about the inconsistencies in the Bible and Quran, calling on bullshit anything that failed to beat logic in the grand scheme of things.

Little did I know my continuous prattling on religious matters was scaring off most of the girls, until several months later when my heightened blue balls forced me to start pretending to be like everyone else! And there, my sex life was restored back to normal. Girls started finding my vibe alluring.

If your religious belief isn’t tangential to what the girl believes in, well and good, that inches you closer to her snatch.

For reasons relating to compatibility issues, girls have this weird, hell-bent curiosity of wanting to know where you stand on religious or political matters.

The latter is mostly the case if the girl happens to be from central province. Usually, this will be the needy, low-esteemed girls who think every relationship they get into should always lead to marriage or believes compatibility means voting for her tribal leader.

Some of the girls could ask me bluntly about my tribe, and when I mention it they’d assume I support a certain political leader based on where I come from.

That’s how shallow some of these girls are. Conversations are better held at the superficial level if you want to develop anything serious. Try getting intellectual with them and you’d be left hanging.

Those pursuing something long term can use this to gauge if the girl they’re after is to an intellectual capacity they can put up with.

But remember, it’s an infra dig to switch your beliefs to please her, regardless of how gorgeous she looks.

I have met guys who pretend to be big on Christianity when chasing girls who happen to be wearing panties of faith. That never really pays off ‘cause I have yet to meet a girl who’s so serious on Christian values to a point that she never fucks anyone. You just have to know how to control the frame and let her forget about her religious ties so she can throw all caution to the wind and consider sinning with you.  

My bedpost has so many saved girl notches. And below is how I aced their belief tests:

Wait until they start pressing for your political and religious beliefs. More often than NOT she’ll be prattling about how it’s against her belief to marry outside her religion.

Don’t be surprised when some of them candidly ask you about your favorite presidential candidate and, as if to warn you, add how they’ll never date anyone backing a certain candidate.

I used to evade the questions but that often led nowhere. Lying was an option, but it wasn’t an effective enough an option to warrant anything long term. 

So I decided to embrace honesty.

Here’s one response that has always worked magic for me:

“You’re among the few girls I have met who at least believe in something and have values that they strictly adhere to. Most girls are void on the inside. It’s like they lost hope in everything.

I also like the fact that you appear open minded and that you don’t use your beliefs to discriminate against those whose religious/political backgrounds don’t align with yours. 

I was brought up as a Christian and as a grown up I have learned to see the good in people regardless of what they believe in. Currently I find it hard to agree with some political/religious views some people propagate. But I try to look past it and stop being judgmental. That way, I’m able to learn different things from different people no matter their religious standings, and I must say, their contribution to my life has been positive. So I guess I’m pro anything that’s pro humanity.”

Lengthy huh…

But very effective… I’ll afterwards steer clear from anything that might trigger an argument then find a way to segue into another topic.

If she insists on continuing the topic, I simply cut her with something like:

“I at least know one thing about you. Next, what is it that you do for fun apart from reading your Quran or Bible?”

If she’s political I’ll respond with “You surely don’t spend your entire day watching news. Tell me something else that makes you fun to talk to.”

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