Why in Hell Aren’t You Getting Laid?

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A question to all the keyboard jockeys: whose curse are you on?

It’s the 21st century dammit! Where pulling a trim is as simple as getting your ass off the internet (read off my blog) and using some of the canned threads we have on this board for some real time street action that  should lead to a constant supply of puntang. 

Get over your approach anxiety. As a matter of stating the obvious, some of the chicks you lock eyes with are acutely aware of the problems you face as a result of approach anxiety, and are as such willing to pardon you for some of the approach gaffes you’re likely to make, ‘cause they too are constantly frustrated by clit itches that they know you have the power to assuage.

Chicks want to be boffed, just as much as you’re craving for some fresh snatch. If your interests can intersect, and the discomfort between the two of you killed, then you’re guaranteed a few weeks of steaming sex, before it gets all boring again and you find yourself craving for new pussy.

Take a break from jerking off and hit the street. Leave the house and go shopping, swimming, or visit any of the places where girls dress up to attract guys like you. Better, hit up one of your mates and ask him if he’ll be winging you tonight as you go clubbing with the sole aim of picking up an inebriated club ho for a one night stand.
There’s NO excuse for you to spend another weekend alone. Without some real pussey.

And by the way, what’s the worst that can happen? Rejection!!!

Even the best of us get rejected. But that’s all good so long as you’re receiving a positive response from some of the chicks you approach, however small their number is.
The point is, NOT all the chicks you approach will hit you with an unchallengeable NO, no matter how much of a turn off your approach happens to be.
Quit that online dating thing already. That’s NO place for getting quality pussy.

That’s NOT to say that online dating is bad, but try NOT to make it your only source of the chicks you bed. This particularly the case if you’re looking for some quality trim.
This blog got enough material to get you started. Enough to help you pick even the hardest of them babes you plan on fucking.

If you can’t get laid after reading this blog, then I bet you still wouldn’t pull a trim even if someone dropped you right into a women prison with a fistful of pardons.





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