Why the Hell is She Still Single?

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I recently added a 28-year old HB8 to my circle of female friends.

Talked to her with NO intention of dating or having sex with her and made it clear to her after the first few text exchanges and she was okay with it. This makes our relationship strictly platonic.

We talk on the regular, and have planned several meet ups, none of which has ever panned out ‘cause one of us is either busy, out of town or something came up.

So the other day she called me and was pretty sincere about wanting to date or at least have sex with me. Saw that coming, but too bad, I wasn’t ready to cross that line with her.

I could sense the desperation in her voice, and it was pretty clear that she wasn’t really interested in me, but in any solvent guy out there willing to offer some sort of commitment or sex on the very least, ‘cause chicks too do get horny.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s everything any man would ever wish for in a wimmin. She’s beautiful (an 8 in my book) and has a stable job with some savings if her words are to be trusted. Steps ahead of me, even.

She also works out and has a banging body, and just the other day she admitted to being a bit of a nympho but prefers having sex with a guy she’s dating or has known for a while.

Also, from what I have come to know about her, I can vouch she’s NOT a hasbeen slut.  She was more focused in her studies while still in campus and landed a job immediately after graduating.

She’s also only dated 2 guys her entire life—one while still in campus and the other one after graduating. She’s only gone clubbing twice, never been ONS’ed and only engaged in casual sex once. I have yet to find inconsistencies in her story, so this might actually be true.

You could say maybe she’s got a shitty personality.

But that’s NOT the case. She’s the most interesting of the girls I talk to. She’s got a good taste in music (folk and celtic), enjoys sci-fi movies and makes me laugh sometimes, despite being a hard one to amuse with jokes. She also likes to play Nintendo and doesn’t mind watching football provided she’s got some company.

Then she’s just crazy…

Not really. Unless she’s hiding something, I have yet to see her craziness hitting worrying levels.  She’s never blown my phone texting or calling. Nor does she talk too much. Plus she dated her ex for 3 years, and the other ex for 4 years, and breaking with the first ‘cause of him cheating and the second one ‘cause he got a job outside the country and the LDR faded.

She’s also never trash talked her first ex  despite him cheating. She in fact never brings them up unless you ask her something about them. This shows she’s very mature and has completely moved on.

So why the hell is she still single?

Some will say it’s ‘cause she doesn’t put herself out.

Wrong! For this little time I have known her, she’s attended 3 weddings, two birthday parties, and even recently organized a trip with some of her girlfriends. And she admitted to meeting a lot of guys only that almost all of them are in happy relationships.

She even tried to get one of them to have a no-strings-attached sex with her and you know what—that pansy of a guy turned her down. Don’t confuse me with the guy; I’d have smashed it if she was anywhere in my immediate environment. I just didn’t like the idea of me leaving what I was doing at the time and boarding 2 to 3 vehicles to go chasing some far-away pussy.

Now my question—why aren’t guys busting her door? Where are all the orbiters who can’t keep their noses off other people’s affairs? Why aren’t they looking here?

She’s NOT even picky. All she wants is a guy to snag her and show her the way. But why aren’t guys doing it?

Don’t blame it on feminism. She’s NOT one. I even introduced her to redpill women and she liked it.

She admits to getting hit on by only married men. But she’s NOT a home wrecker, so that’s NOT the path for her.

This question is directed to all eligible bachelors out there in their 30s, WTF is wrong witchya? Why is this low-notch-count 28-year old NOT getting notched? Why aren’t you NOT putting some bunz in her oven?

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