Why Women Resent Beta

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Date someone your class or higher. It’s as simple as that, if her SMV is lower than yours, then she’s NOT the right woman for you. Not for a casual lay or LTR.

Take this advise with the seriousness it deserves, for your own sanity.

A bigger section of the population hold a very low degree of self worth. These are the people who’ll do anything to elevate their social status or at least get an impression of it.

Grown ass guys gossip and put each other down with every chance they get, ‘cause deep down they think very low of themselves.

Woman aren’t any different in this. Just worse.

They’ll gossip, fight each other and put their friends down ‘cause their self worth is hurting, and they’re down for anything that elevates their hierarchical status.

That pretty much explains why women have a special preference for an alpha, or someone with a good wealth  and societal rank. And the lower she feels about her degree of self worth, the more she’ll be compelled to chase after an alpha BF for a strike of balance.

In the event that she succeeds in snagging one for herself, she’ll start poking holes in the idea she earlier on held about him.

So expect her mental thought process to be go along the lines of “How come a guy of his status decided to settle for a lowly chick like me? He might as well NOT have been that great.”

You failed her first shit test, and which is the greatest of them all and one that you’ll never be able to redeem yourself from, when you settled for her despite being clear that you could have done so much better.

Settling for her only makes her think less of you, esp with the more she gets to know you. And to prove herself right, she’ll ramp up shit tests.

Her mission in life will be to bring you down to her level so she can at least have a sense of security or find an excuse to leave and continue hunting.

The same also explains why women resent betas. She already thinks very low of herself. Then you show up and worship her ass, making it pretty obvious that her place is likely to drop even further should she decide to settle for you.

Ever wondered why jerks treat different women differently? A jerk to one woman might be the sweet guy to another woman, and it’s all because jerks can see through a woman’s sense of self worth and reward accordingly.

So if she treats you like shit, then deep down that’s how you perceive yourself. Ditto for women. If you’re an alpha who settled for a chick with a very low SMV compared to yours. Then she’ll learn to resent you, ‘cause the act itself suggests that’s NOT how you view yourself.

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