Why You Shouldn’t Chat up Girls on Facebook

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Guys are simple creatures. They see a cute face they like on Facebook; they click on ‘send a friend request.’ Then wait a day or two before shotgun-sending a ‘hey’ to the entire list of women they have on their friend-list.

I have had my fair share of such experiences during my down times.

While this actually works for celebrities and stars, for an ordinary guy, getting a positive response from a girl you’re trying to chat up on Facebook is akin to hitting the jackpot.

I do agree that some of the pictures that make the cut to the kind of images girls on Facebook would submit for ego stroking are somewhat tempting–considering every girl will be presenting their best self, after running it through a series of photo-griding.

Try imagining a world where every chick looked exactly as they do on Facebook. Their beauty scale would definitely run from a 6 upwards, with lots of them Facebook babes concentrated at the 9th or 10th mark.

This makes Facebook game suck for men, and it’s all for a simple reason: convincing a girl who’s miles away on an ego trip that her level of real-time beauty doesn’t match the ideal self she has created on Facebook can only prove to be one thing: a fool’s errand.

Meaning, hundreds of inboxes and friend requests a 3 will be receiving on the network will leave her convinced that she’s an 8. As proof, try visiting some of the pages holding auditions for product models and you’d be surprised by the number of plain Janes with bloated egos swarming the pages with applications that best describes them as beauty goddesses.

‘Cause that’s what Facebook does to you if you’re a woman—if bloats your ego, making sure you’re parsec far-off from reality.

And that is seemingly the only reason chicks within the 3 to 6 range still post on Facebook timelines. In an attempt to give their bruised ego a boost, after sequences of heartbreaks and bad relationships, they’ll turn to Facebook, fill their timeline with selfies and all sorts of philosophical quotes Google has to offer, then sit down to filter through 100 of messages they’d have received that day from blue balls stricken betas and elevate their level of attractiveness by at least 5 points upwards.

So where does that leave you?

In the face of an attention swarmed Facebook chick, you’re just one of the hundred guys trying to hit on her. And with her skyrocketed view on her level of attractiveness, nothing you say will make her think any less of herself.

What these women fail to see is that those hitting their inbox with hundreds of messages have also send the same messages to hundreds of other female Facebook users.

So instead of being too much of a keyboard jockey, hit the street and pick up women in real-time and with an offhand attitude towards their inflated ego.

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