Women are NOT the Problem

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There’s been this tired talk floating around about women using men, and the act being perpetrated by feminism.

Well, I refuse to see the connection. You all know my stand as far as feminism is concerned, but this habit of chicks using men for free drinks and withholding sex thereafter has got nothing to do with it, but chicks deciding on their own to deliberately use men.

Most of the chicks doing this don’t subscribe to the feminist ideology, albeit they’ll soon do.

Nothing has changed, women love to be dominated–all women, even feminists who find it hard to accept this harsh reality.

Women are also used to having men do shit for them ever since those little lumps that grew on their chest during prepubescent started attracting men’s attention.

So they developed a sense of entitlement, and which has been jousting with their soft sense of moral. And it got to a point that they had to hamster it by convincing themselves that they actually deserve the favors.

In their mind, there’s nothing wrong with having a man splurge everything he’s got on them. So this whole thought that every favor a man does to a woman always has to lead to sex is just stupid.

No woman owns you shit ‘cause you bought her a car, took her to school or bought her dinner. In her mind, her attention was enough pay for that.

The difference is that women don’t take advantage of all the men in their life. They only take advantage of the orbiters they keep, with the exception of at least one guy from the list of guys they’re sleeping with.

It’s like they’re born knowing about the power of pussy, and they’re NOT hesitant to make the most of it.

She’ll be fucking one man for free, or even pay to get fucked by that one man, while using her time on the side to get those orbiting her to do things for her for free, whether or NOT she’s got any intention of sleeping with them.

In other words, a woman could still be taking advantage of you even when you’re sleeping with her. Your act of kindness doesn’t always have to lead to sex, but once in a while a woman may decide out of her good nature to offer sex to man she thinks has been so kind to her.

But being the alpha male in a chick’s life doesn’t mean you’ll always be the only alpha male that she’ll be swooning over all her life. Chicks live in the moment, shit testing men with every opportunity they get.

You might be an alpha today, but the moment you start failing her shit tests and ceding to her frame, you lose the alpha cred. What follows is her using you like she’s been doing to the orbiters in her life.

That explains why it’s advisable to keep gaming your SO.

That’s NOT to say that you shouldn’t be paying up for anything. You can spend on her all you want, but it’s always good to ensure that she knows you’re NOT doing it ‘cause of the sex you’re getting from her.

That’s where game comes in, again.

So here’s the question:

What makes you think you wouldn’t be doing the same if you were the other sex? Imagine growing up in an environment where every men is so nice to you, then getting to a point where it becomes clear that the only reason these men were being nice to you is ‘cause they were hoping they’ll be getting sex from you.

So women are NOT the problem. Some of their actions might be evil, but they’re NOT as evil as the actions of evil men.

The problem is with the AFCs enabling them, the guys that have her on the pedestal, and are busy trying to win over her attention by playing nice to her.

The people to blame are the men feeding her ego on social media by liking every dumb photo of hers. These are the people promoting her attention whoring by reassuring her that she’s beautiful, and therefore in good position to take advantage of them.

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