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From a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your woman? Here’s a guide that will help you find an appropriate slot in the beauty scale for any underlying chick.
Some of you may find it easy to argue against the measure, with claims such as“beauty is subjective,” but at the end of the day a beautiful face will always wind up with the majority votes.

Meaning, this scale relies solely on averages or majority’s definition of beauty. Your opinion may be different, but it doesn’t count as far as our grading system goes.

Here goes the scale:
#1 is the epitome of ugliness. Just looking at her is enough to make you want to barf. In a nutshell, these ones hang on the brink of what makes a creature human or animal.
#2’s looks are a bit tolerable. You can hold conversations with them. But can’t help thanking God for NOT being among the bunch that falls in this category.

#3 obese chicks or average chicks with a turn off accent fall in this category. They may NOT be as scary as such, but they do NOT in any way inspire anything romantic. Just looking at them is enough to make an already erect dick fall.

#4s lie on the borderline of what guyz consider ugly. They are the type that irritates you whenever they make a suggestive move. Incels may find it convenient to use them as sperm receptacles when their blue balls start crowning, but even them can’t stand the thought of being seen with them during broad day light.

#5s These are what the PUA community refer to as Plain Janes. Speaking of which, their looks doesn’t command attention in a positive or negative manner.

Incels may find it easy to approach them and score an LTR. But their looks won’t make any man swoon over them. In short, the #5s are what experienced guyz would only bang under a rigorous dry spell.

#6s are slightly above what’s considered bangable. Betas will always find themselves fantasizing over them. But guyz getting lots of putang’ will always find it convenient to turn them down when they offer them sex.
#7s These ones can turn eyes, as they have entered the realm of what guyz consider beautiful. You’ll be confident to be seen with them in public, but they are NOT the type to brag about to your friends.

They may have a banging body, a cute face to match, but there’ll always be one flaw that prevents them from hitting the 8th mark.

#8. Their looks alone are enough to make inexperienced men spend all they have just to spend some time with them. Most of the top tier socialites you know fall in this category.

They have a face and body that makes anyone consider them pretty, but upon close inspection, you’re likely to spot one or two flaws that they’ll be hiding with a thick layer of a caked-on makeup.

Alphas keep them as side chicks.

#9s Only the ballsy approach this ones. They are the epitome of what people consider beauty.
Their looks remind you of fembots or a beauty goddess that you read somewhere. They are rare to come by as they form less than 1% of the female population.
But still, upon close inspection, you can’t miss one or two minor flaws in her. But in most cases, the flaw would be what makes her cute if not so minor to even notice.

#10s. These ones are completely flawless–from her looks to personality. Everything about her is magnificent.
She’s like she came out of a novel or an artist’s imagination. Her looks will make even the president stop his convoy just to take a look.

#No alpha will ever admit that the chick he’s banging is a solid 10, even when she is. But there are plenty of 10s in existence. Name a beauty peagent winner and I’ll show you one.

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