Women Hate Men Who Offer to Solve Their Problems

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This is a common mistake men make all the time. That is, NOT resisting the internal pressure to cajole a girl they hardly know, let alone bang, into feeling good or enjoying herself all because she appears bored.

It’s as if they have been assigned the role to stimulate her emotional state or fix some of the internal problems she has. Nothing could be more annoying to a girl than some strange guy, posing as some psychotherapist or situational analyst and motivator, interprets her chilled moment as an opportunity for him to talk her into having a ball.

You’ve probably heard a guy use guileful wheedling lines to open up a girl. These are the guys who, when around a chick, only open their mouth when they want to express their willingness to fix a problem they think she has, then immediately run out of talk points when the girl slaps them with a “NO” or when their inveigling claptrap hits the expected dead end immediately after the follow up line.

So how do you handle such a girl or a girl you’re fucking but is being a wet blanket, without coming off as a boneless, eager-to-please beta girls love to manipulate emotionally?

If the girl is standing all alone or is with a group of friends who are obviously NOT psyched up, instead of offering to psychoanalyze their situation and thereafter cajole them to be happy, I suggest you take this approach:

“Are the men in here too shy to talk to you or did you just do something to scare them off?”

This statement doesn’t acknowledge her emotional state. Neither does it offer to fix the problem. It instead makes a light joke of the whole situation, leaving you with a lot of hook points to develop a conversation and stack.

You can digress and talk about the crowd, and how you can still spot other women in attendance just like her. Then joke about how they should all come together and form an alliance to protest against the shy men that don’t talk girls into having fun.

 Materials abound if you know how to work out your frame and stick to it.

An Emotionally Manipulative Girl You’re Fucking

Emotional manipulation is a common habit among many girls in a relationship. To wit: that’s the natural state that they temporarily morph into when they want to get guys more invested in them  or get them into doing something for them.

So it’s no surprise when the girl you’re dating develops a habit of turning moody from time to time. She’ll just snap out of the blue, then rationalize something to vent about, after which she’ll follow it up with a couple days of pouting.

She’s pulled her manipulative card. Now it’s time for her to wait for you to ask her “what’s wrong” to bring her act into play at top gear.

Whatever you decide to do, make NO mistake of falling for her manipulative antics by attempting to show her that you’re affected by any of her acts.

It’s your duty, as an alpha man in the relationship, to rid her of her emotional storm, but NOT in a way that shows you’re affected by it.

If through all this it becomes clear that she needs help, let her ask for it first before you can step in and help. Otherwise you’re better off not reacting to any of this.

Give her time to vent. She might get abusive. Threaten to leave. It’s good that you don’t let any of this get to you.

She’ll get you angry. But hold yourself. Go on with whatever it is that you do while at home as if nothing serious has happened.

Let that one episode of her melodrama roll. Then the second one. And maybe the third.

Then one day, when she brings it all up again, so sure things will be always be the way she’s beginning to get used to, beat her at her own game.

Be over-dramatic at this one incidence. Bring up everything she’s ever done and leverage your anger to make a point she’ll never forget. Make it known to her that you’ll NOT be tolerating any form of emotional blackmail from her from that day henceforth. Shut her down that once and for good.

Also if possible, drive her to the edge till she submits or apologizes to you. It’s also good to make sure she gets a hefty dose of smacking that day before she retires to bed.  

Then days after that incidence, when you’re both in your usual talkative mood, make it known to her that you’re big on quiet sharing. If she’s got any problem with you, she’s free to share it with you but only in a manner that suggests she isn’t trying to manipulate you into anything.

Do this once after every six months.

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