Your Guide to Running a Successful Day Game

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According to how anti-game quislings understand game, pick up is all about negging or being crassly insulting and kind of a jerk to the women you happen to be attracted to–one common shibboleth I have always found myself wrangling against countless times.

Game is NOT all about learning how to seduce women, but learning how to confront your fears by at least having the balls to challenge yourself. Seducing women just happens to be part of the learning curve, and maybe the reward that comes with making that one very important life decision.

Nothing we say can make those who find this uncouth have a sudden change of mentality. But at the end of the day the decision to turn your life around and make yourself a better version of who you really are, the one you could have been had the society NOT conditioned you into the wussy you now are, solely lies in your hand.

With that being said, let’s cut the slushy talk to zone into the meaty part of this article.

How do you run a day game? Or simple, how do you talk to a woman you just met on the street, mall, or public transport? How do you talk to her and manage to get her to give you her number or ride you that very same day without screwing up or running out of the things to say?

Well, I have been receiving lots of questions along those lines. But I couldn’t have written anything on the subject before because my game was a tad rusty following an LTR I was into, ergo, I didn’t have the opportunity to go testing it.

I have been running a series of street games the past couple of months, strictly adhering to a canned script I had both been working and researching on, and I must say my success rate was pretty impressive.

Worth mentioning is that I tried using all the standard openers you’ve probably heard of—such as “are you single.”

While some of these openers seemed to work, I did get a lot of knee-jerk responses that I thought mostly conveyed disinterest. Responses such as “I’m in a hurry” or “I have a boyfriend, sorry.”

While an experienced pick up can still turn such responses around and still manage to retain the frame, this can be a little draining to a newbie who sort of expected the response to follow a certain pattern he had in mind.

One thing with knee-jerk responses is that they do NOT necessarily mean the chick is blowing you off. Maybe things could have been a little bit different had you approached her differently.

It’s for such reasons that I decided to switch my style.

Remember than NO opener or thread will earn you a direct ticket to the putang’. It’s the principle behind it, your congruence and the attitude you carry yourself with that determines your success rate.

Read this bearing in mind that the guide combines a smorgasbord of pickup techniques from well-known pick up artists that I took time to go through some of their infield pickup clips. But only chose to write about it after testing it on my own, and in kind.

Step 1: Social State

Any pickup artist will tell you that the first step of going out to pick women is getting into a social state, or state shifting, as some people love to call it.

This is done to get you into a talkative or social mood that will in turn see to it that there’s a natural flow to the approaches you make.

 All you have to do is go around talking to random people—greeting them and trying to initiate conversations. Talk to your cashier or the strangers you meet along the way. Inquire about their whereabouts. And if possible, try throwing in something that will make them laugh.

If you’ve got no one to talk to, make a lengthy call to a person you know and try dragging yourself into a social state.

These people don’t necessarily have to be women. Try talking to men and women alike, all in attempt to convince yourself that you are a social person whose jollies are derived from talking to random people.

Step 2: The Approach

Your approach should be characterized by lots of toned down energy. Don’t be too over-hyped or stiff, but elastic and very composed.

Your vibe should be flowing in an expressive manner, with the kind of energy that triggers an interaction.

You can start by saying something that will make her laugh, then lose your pace in a gradual manner and get her invested.

The entire approach should be fun for both of you. You’d be surprised that she really enjoys being approached, considering very few guys, if any, have the cojones to make a cold approach during the day.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that there’s a higher chance of you number closing or even date closing a random chick you’ve just met, this technique has the approach broken down into five stages.







An opener is the first sentence you say to a girl upon approaching her. The girl may be seated, walking, working or be in a set (in a group of other girls). That doesn’t matter; if your attitude and opener communicates value, you’ll certainly have her attention or the entire group’s.

The trick is to always try to view yourself as the awesome dude, and who happens to be only there to brighten their day. Which chick wouldn’t want that?

Start by saying “excuse me” or “hey.” You don’t need to great them. Remember she’ll be busy, or for the most part want to make you believe she is, so pardoning yourself for interrupting saves you from coming off as rude or being hit by her busy posture.

In short, the excuse me part serves to save you from scaring off the girl. Plus it gives you time to calibrate your energy.

To try and sound natural, try to follow the ‘excuse me’ bit with any one liner that recognizes whatever she’s doing.

If you just met her on the way and she’s carrying a bag or appears like she’s on her way to or from work, this could go off like this.

“Excuse me, I know you’re in a bit of a hurry.”

Or “excuse me, I know you’re tired from work.”

Other examples include:

“Excuse me, I know you’re busy.”

“Excuse me, I know you’ve got other customers to attend to.”

The rest of the opening thread should go like this.

“Excuse me, I know you’ve got other customers to serve. But can I ask you something really quick.”

You’re free to introduce an FTC (false time constraint) if you find it that necessary.

“Excuse me, I know you’re kinda busy, but before I go and join up my friends, Can I ask you something really quick.”

For walking sets (chicks walking your way or in the opposite direction), just jump after them, stand in front and use the aforementioned opener. If they’re shopping or seated, you can tap them on the shoulder, and open first before you can grab a sit and join them,


After opening the next step is stacking. You should by now be having the girl’s full attention. Her mind is trying to make all sorts of wild guesses as to what is it that you want to ask her about. Could you be selling something?

When she says “yes…’ that’s when you progress to stacking.

Your stacking thread should go on like this.

Okay. This should only take a minute. I saw you from over there, and I thought you’re very adorable or look really great.”

“Okay. This may come off random or unexpected, but I have been observing you from there and I thought you look like a very interesting person to talk to.”

It’s important that you try to steer clear from using words that appear to target her looks, dress code or body contour. Words such as hot, beautiful, sexy, or cute will only creep the fuck out of her and as a result get her on her defenses.

 As you could have realized, words such as ‘adorable’ or ‘interesting to talk to’ don’t really convey any sexual interest. You could still use them on an old lady or a small girl you just met and rest assured they won’t take offense.

Some will reply with a simple “thank you.” Some won’t.

Just introduce yourself right after, whether or NOT she responds back, and reach out for a handshake.

At this point, you’re NOLONGER a random guy she just met or some stranger trying to waste her time, but an acquaintance she has about a week to keep in her memory.

Read this bearing in mind that only your body language and congruence will get you this far.

If you’re nervous and gazing away while saying all this, you’ll certainly be blown off before you even get a chance to stack.

But don’t fret; this happens even to the best of us. And the only sure way to beat the nervousness is to try and approach as many women as you can.

Like you’re about to find out, the more you talk with random chicks, the more you start getting comfortable around them and in the process learn to overcome approach anxiety.

Don’t let it get to your head when the chick you’re trying to talk to gets all bitchy or blows you off while you’re still talking. She’s not worth you going through any more trouble.

Just saunter off and find another chick to approach. But if she’s giving you an ear and seems interested, don’t eject but move on to the next stage.

Let’s replay the whole set and see:

You: Excuse me

Her: yes, nodding or turning around.

You: I know you’re kinda busy and this may come off unexpected. But can I ask you something really quick.

Her: Okay.

You: This should only take a minute cause I gotta go meet my friend. I Just happened to have seen you from there (or noticed you as you walk) and I thought you look like a very interesting person to talk to.

Her: Thank you (or unresponsive).

You: Okay, I’m Kevin. Who are you?

That’s a good point to eject if the chick has been acting bitchy.

But if she wasn’t, move to stage 3.


You’ve opened. You’ve stacked. Now it’s time to talk or converse.

Get her to open her mouth and talk.

Some guys after running out of things to say start asking the girl random questions at this point. Don’t.

Use statements based on observations instead.

Something like:

“The first thing I noticed when I came here to talk to you was your sense of style. Are you a fashion major, model or something?”

If the girl is super cute, this statement can be fashioned into a mild neg that gets her talking and at the same time lowers her bitchy shield.

Something like:

“From what I can see, everyone here took her time to prepare themselves. But it’s as if you didn’t even try. Love the simple fact that you don’t care how the outside world views you.”

The last statement is a neg cum a statement that will get her talking. In most cases she’ll be trying to qualify herself.

So she’ll say something like:

“It’s my friend Rina. She made leave the house in a hurry.’

Other examples of vibing statements include:

“You got a really cool walk on you. Very steady and well calculated. I bet this is something you’ve been working on.”

“Love your shades, scarf, or hairdo. I’m pretty sure I’m like the 10th guy complimenting you on this.”

The vibing should last any length of time you wish it to. Pull random stuff you’ve observed out of the blue, and make random statements about them.

Don’t take anything serious. The trick is to get her to talk and get comfortable with you.

But don’t get carried away and forget to escalate to the next stage, lest you wind up with a one-way ticket to friend zone.

You’re free to ask for one or two questions at this stage. Just don’t make them too many to come off as a boring guy who’s trying really hard to keep the girl entertained.


After vibing and laughing at each other’s jokes, it’s time to make her qualify herself.

Just interrupt her and ask a question:

“Other than this small talk we’ve had, what else makes you an interesting person to talk to?”

“All the girls in existence can be grouped into two—those who are very passionate about something or those who are just living for the sake of it and waiting to be swept off their feet by an imaginary prince charming. Where do you fall? If passionate, what sort of things are you passionate about?

You could keep the statement even simpler.

“Tell me that one thing that makes you consider yourself a cool person to hang with.”

If she says there’s none, you can follow it with a statement like:

“You mean you’ve got lots of cool stuff that you can’t simply pick one and say it.”

Sticking around to answer the qualifying question passes as an IOI (indicator of interest). Meaning, if she hasn’t left, she’s definitely attracted to you.

Don’t force her to come up with something. If she can’t suss out anything, perform a cold reading on her and make a statement that qualifies her on her behalf.


After getting her to qualify herself, you’re free to move to the last step, which is number or date closing.

Avoid making statements such as, “Can I get your number?” Or “give me your number.”

Such statements make you appear like a douche if NOT needy.

Instead say:

“Let’s exchange numbers. And if our conversations turn out to be as interesting as the one we’ve just had, I’ll ask you to hang out with me NEXT time.”

In some rare cases, the chick may insist on her taking your number instead. Don’t buy into that; she’ll definitely NOT call.

So in response to that, try being honest with her:

“If I give you my number and leave here without yours. Here’s what will happen. You won’t call. And I’ll be depressed.  So to save us all the trouble of NEVER going to meet again, give me your number and lemmie do the calling.”

There it goes; the entire thread–tested with an upward of 90% success rate. Use it with a lot of care, ‘coz then again, Aids is real.

But before you come asking me about what’s the next step after getting her number.

Make sure to text her a follow up text after 10 minutes of parting ways.

Something like this can do:

“It was nice meeting you randomly like that. Are you always this nice to strangers?”

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